This is an ALT blog. I’m an ALT in Japan. I’m also a writer. An analytical thinker, a problem solver. I’m a little mad. And so this is unlike any ALT blog you are likely to meet.

I like to write for 2,000 words at a time. I like to write about problems in Japan–to understand them, to overcome them. I like to write about the classroom, and things that might make ALTs better, stronger, faster.

I am not going to write about what my Japanese school lunch looked like today.

We need to see the more light-hearted parts of living in Japan, and most ALT blogs deal with that wonderfully; but I am going to look deeply, obsessively into the difficult bits that we’d like to ignore, because they scream out to me, and ignoring them is something I can’t do.

Thank you for coming by.


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